Chain Estate DAO V2 Token Migration

On April 19th, Chain Estate DAO will begin the migration process into a version two of the Chain Estate DAO token (CHES). There are many reasons for this migration, most of them revolving around making the token smart contract meet the requirements of centralized exchanges and bridging to other networks. When the v2 token migration happens, all investors will need to visit the Chain Estate DAO website, to send in their v1 CHES tokens and claim the equivalent amount of the v2 CHES tokens. The process will be extremely easy! It will only take a couple of clicks. Your token balance and your average investment time (used for airdrops) will be carried over to the new token.
On the 19th this page will be updated with exact instructions for claiming your v2 CHES tokens. The only thing that's really important to keep in mind right now is that during the migration process on the 19th (sometime around 8:00 PM EST), you CANNOT sell any of your v1 CHES tokens or you will not be able to claim your v2 CHES tokens. This is to prevent investors from dumping any v1 tokens and then just claiming them as v2 tokens.
The v2 CHES token price will be set to the price of the v1 CHES token as the migration is happening. After the migration is complete, keep in mind that the token price might not be exactly the same as before the migration because of people buying and selling v1 and v2 tokens. Also, the v2 CHES token will operate exactly the same for the investors. The tokenomics are exactly the same and the only differences between the two token versions will not affect trading on PancakeSwap, airdrop rewards, polling on the blockchain, or anything of the sort.
Here is the list of changes made for the v2 CHES token:
  • Added the ability for the contract owner to blacklist addresses from buying and selling the CHES token
  • Added minting and burning functionality necessary for bridging
  • Limited what the contract owner can update the sell and buy fees to
  • Added the ability for the contract owner to manually swap the contract's CHES tokens for BNB
  • Added more smart contract events for better tracking (updating transaction fees, etc.)