If you have any questions on what terms mean, please refer to this glossary as it may answer your question.
*Cash Flow - Cash flow is the surplus of money that is generated after paying all of the bills on a property such as insurance, taxes, or repairs.
*PancakeSwap - This is a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. On PancakeSwap, users can exchange their tokens on the Binance Smart Chain for an equal value of any other tokens that are also on the Binance Smart Chain.
*Airdrops - Airdrops are free coins that are sent to qualified holders of the CHES token. In Chain Estate, we use airdrops as a way to incentivize people to hold their tokens.
*Single-Family home - Single-family housing is a free-standing residential building. Single-family homes are designed to be used as a single-dwelling unit, with one owner, no shared walls, and its own land.
*Multi-Family home - Multifamily housing refers to a building that contains more than one dwelling unit. Multiple units can be stacked one on top of the other within the same building, or they can be side by side.
*Liquidity - Liquidity is the ability of a coin to be easily converted into cash or other coins. The higher the liquidity, the more stable the price will be.