Long-Term Vision

As we get our roots planted by acquiring our first few properties, there will be many more aspects to Chain Estate DAO than just continuing to acquire properties. With the structure that is set up, the more transactions that we are able to have with the token, the faster we will be able to build up the funds available to purchase more real estate. With this in mind, adding utility is key for the growth of the project as a whole. Given that we are on the blockchain, there are MANY ways that we are able to achieve this.
One way, and the most exciting way, is being able to create a payment flow on our website that allows users to insert payment information (Debit/credit card, Paypal, etc.) and purchase CHES tokens directly with fiat currency. Real estate investing is a concept that A LOT of people are familiar with and can get behind, but the current process to get into crypto is a big barrier of entry to get new holders in the door. This will allow users to easily access the CHES token and get their feet wet in the crypto space.
In the shorter term, we are looking to create an NFT that represents partial ownership in the revenues that the NFT marketplace generates. Each NFT that a third party lists on the marketplace will have a selling fee associated with it. We don't have this fee set yet, but let's use 5% as an example. If someone lists an NFT for $1,000, that fee would be $50. This $50 would be split between the owners of these revenue generating NFTs along with any upkeep that the marketplace requires. We will be adding more NFTs that will use our marketplace and provide their own utility in the future as well, so the revenue generating NFTs will not just benefit from the real estate NFTs that are bought and sold.
Another utility that we are looking to add is having NFTs represent occupancy ownership for properties. 52 NFTs would be minted (one for each week in the year) and be sold on the Chain Estate DAO NFT marketplace. Each holder of these NFTs would be allowed access to the property that they are associated with for one week in the year per NFT they hold. For example, if someone wanted to stay in this vacation property, they could purchase the NFT, stay in the property for that week, and then sell the NFT once they are done with their stay (unless they wanted to stay the next year). If they went the route of selling it, they would likely be able to get a similar price for the NFT than they paid for it - the only money they would lose out on is the listing fee for the NFT. The holders of the NFTs that represent ownership in the revenue of the marketplace would benefit from these NFTs being bought and sold - the ecosystem will play into itself to benefit everyone.
This idea would be further along in the roadmap, but as we acquire properties with no loan on them, we will have a large balance sheet of a large value of assets that aren't being utilized to their full potential. With this in mind, we can create a lending program that will use the DAOs properties as collateral. The DAO can earn interest on the loans and maximize the equity that is in the properties. This will allow a different type of investor to utilize the Chain Estate DAO ecosystem and have another source of revenue that the DAO can use to purchase more real estate.
Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that benefits everyone in one way or another. With the ideas laid out here, we will have a variety of people entering the Chain Estate DAO ecosystem that will benefit everyone in the ecosystem. If anyone has other ideas that they think could be implemented that would provide even more utility, don't hesitate to reach out to Cole or Zach - all suggestions are appreciated!