Revenue Generating NFTs

Along with the release of our NFT marketplace, we will also be releasing our revenue generating NFTs. So what exactly are these revenue generating NFTs?
There will be 100 of these revenue generating NFTs that will be minted so that each one represents a 1% stake in the revenue that the NFT marketplaces brings in. 50 of the 100 NFTs will be held by the DAO to cover the costs of upkeep, and the other 50 NFTs will be sold to CHES holders. Each NFT that is listed by a third party user on our marketplace will have a listing fee associated with it. The listing fees for different types of NFTs will vary, but the fees will range from 5% up to 15% of the total sale value. For example, if one of the NFTs is sold for $1,000 with a 10% sell fee, that fee would be $100. The $100 would then put out $1 to each of the NFT holders. Currently, we plan to have NFTs that represent the rights to the cash flow that rental properties bring in, NFTs that represent the right to stay in a property for a week (time share NFTs) and NFTs that represent the ownership in the revenue that the NFT marketplace brings in. The fees aren’t set and stone yet, but you can expect the real estate cash flow NFTs to have listing fees of 5%, the revenue generating NFTs to have listing fees of 10%, and the timeshare NFTs to have listing fees of 15%. All payments will be in CHES tokens.
As more and more utility NFTs are released, the more volume the marketplace will likely get, and with more volume, the more revenue will be generated for the revenue generating NFT holders. Initially, there will likely not be much activity with the marketplace, but as we continue to grow and add utility, that will change for the better. The 50 NFTs that will be up for sale will be listed at $1,000 worth in CHES tokens each. The funds that are raised from selling these NFTs ($50,000) will be used mainly towards marketing, and anything left over will be sent to the real estate funds pool.
The idea behind releasing the revenue generating NFTs is to help fund marketing campaigns, and to reward those who believe in the long-term success of Chain Estate DAO.