Cash flow distribution

Who is eligible for receiving cash flow rewards?

Each property will have 100 copies of an NFT minted in association with the property. Holders of these NFTs will be eligible to receive the cash flow rewards from the property that is associated with the NFT.

When do I get my rewards?

Because rent is paid on a monthly basis, the cash flow rewards will be as well. The rewards will be paid out in the CHES token automatically on the 1st of every month.

How much will I receive?

Each property will have an estimated total cash flow associated with it. That total cash flow amount will then be equally distributed to the holders of the NFT associated with the property.
For example, if the total cash flow of a property for that month is $2,000, and there are 100 NFT holders, then each holder will be rewarded $20 worth of the Chain Estate DAO token. If one person has 10 out of the 100 NFTs associated with the property, they would receive $200.
**Cash flow rewards will only be paid out if a tenant is actively occupying the property**
According to the Federal Reserve, the average vacancy rate for a rental property is only 6.8%. That means, on average, there will be less than one month a year that a property will be vacant and NFT holders will not receive rewards. Keep in mind that the 6.8% number is merely an average. We will be doing our best to keep our occupancy rates at a higher than average rate.