Airdrops will be held every month to qualified holders. To qualify, you must have held at least 10,000 CHES tokens for at least a month.
**The requirements to qualify are subject to change** We will be changing the amount of tokens that is required to qualify holders for airdrops to keep it at a roughly $100 worth of the CHES token.
There are two ways that the coins will be supplied for the airdrops. The first is from the 35% airdrop rewards pool. The pool will be distributed throughout the first two years of the project to reduce the selling pressure as much as possible. We do not want to dilute the market all at once.
The second way that the airdrop coins will be supplied is from NFT purchases. Let's say a NFT sells for $1,000 worth of the CHES token. 40% of that $1,000 will be burned, another 40% will go to the airdrop fund and be distributed to token holders once the month is up. The remaining 20% will be set aside for an emergency fund for unexpected property repairs.
Airdrops will be claimed on our in our DApp. Your wallet will prompt you to approve the transaction.
**The amount of tokens that you will receive from airdrops will depend on how many tokens you hold and how long you have held them**