How to buy the Chain Estate DAO token

You can purchase the Chain Estate Token DAO (CHES) on PancakeSwap or centralized exchanges in the future.

How to buy?

1) Create an account on a centralized exchange that allows you to purchase BNB (the most common centralized exchange for this is Binance)
2) Purchase BNB on the centralized exchange
3) Create a Metamask or Trust wallet. This will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive tokens
4) Send BNB to your wallet
5) Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.
6) Make sure to adjust your slippage to at least 6% to allow room for the tax
7) Enter the contract address into PancakeSwap: 0xe3647FB6024355dBC93133e6c4c74277366A4bdC
8) Swap BNB for CHES